Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love is a curious thing

{Lie.Lie.Lie for love} Aah, tennis, the old game of gentlemen.... and women. Today IT happened again: my little sister (who happens to be 11) "sprained her ankle" so now when she walks it "hurts". It's obvious that this is something she brutally made up so that she wouldn't have to go to tennis practice.
Fine, fine, I admit it, haven't we all lied once? But this seems to be somehow different. Maybe I'm just jealous because I still have to go to tennis practice today. Don't you just hate when your parent's choose your activities for you?

Luckily, I found some images that may help me feel better, about this gentlemanly art of running around and hitting a yellow ball with a piece of plastic (or whatever rackets are made out of these days)Oh my, look at what you have done! Now give me the hat, the blazer and the dress, and I will tell no one about all of this!

Just look at that outfit!

"The sporty flapper: If she were a character, she'd be The Great Gatsby's Jordan Baker; athletic, boyish, cynical, seductive. Golf or tennis are the flapper girl's games, so in 2010 it's preppy with a 1920s twist. Look no further than Hermes - with drop-waist pleated skirts and sports stripes in classic colours - for inspiration."

Now, enough about tennis!


  1. yes love is curious thing like your post its so beautiful
    very informative

  2. Thanks for the comment! I love that editorial photo of the girl in the wrecked room. I hope you have fun at practice!

  3. Not a big sports fab but I *love* tennis skirts. Fabulous post! :)